Why Team Four star is awesome.

team four star

If you’re an anime fan and haven’t heard of the incredible YouTube channel team four star do yourself a favour and stop reading my blog post right now and go check them out.  For those of you are not yet convinced allow me to tell you why Team four star is the greatest thing to happen to since their mentor/partner Little Kuriboh.  Team Four Star is a group of semi professional voice actors/writers/animators/artists/editors who are all working together to parody the legendary anime Dragon Ball Z. I say semi professional because while many of them work on this in their spare time not many of them are not in the industry yet. Despite this the product they put out are very professional and deserve to be recognized. Some team members have been recognized and are now working in their respective industries. Team member Takahata 101 has actually recorded voices for the new upcoming Dragon ball z video game Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse (He’s voice number 8). Team member Lanipator has been the voice Rama in the online game Smite. And most recently Lanipator and KaiserNeko were cast for the English dub of the anime The ambition Oda Nobunaga.  

What separates these guys from other parodies on YouTube is their style of parody. People say that humour is objective, I don’t buy that. These guys are hilarious. The writing for the show is genius.  These guys know how to create great witty dialogue and characters with distinct personalities. By watching they’re parodies you can tell these guys have a through love for Dragon ball z and it shows in their writing.  In an age where parody movies are just getting worse and worse *Cough Scary movie 5 Cough* its really great to see a group of people who are so talented come together to collaborate the way they do. They’re kind of like the Mel Brooks of anime.  They know why people love the series and they play on that.  I would argue that in many ways they have created characters more memorable than they were in the original series. For example in the original series Mr. Popo was a strange background that no one gave particular interest to.  Now the character has become one of the most popular one in the series thanks to what Team four star has done with him.  The series also makes great use running jokes like the continuous Krillin owned count which tracks the number of time the character Krillin gets beaten up.  This along with many other hilarious characters and jokes produce a parody that the anime world has never seen before. They create a product that parodies the source material while still paying respect to it while also creating something uniquely their own.

Interestingly enough the group has helped many people get into/return to the franchise. I personally got into Dragon ball because of them and I remember when I went to anime north last year and attended the Dragon ball z panel many people were talking about how many of them came back to dragon ball because of team four star.

While they focus mainly on Dragon ball z they also parody other anime. They do a parody of Hellsing Ultimate (though like the show itself its 18+) and most recently Attack on titan.  The individual members all do their own products as well. Little Kuriboh who voices Frieza does his own Yugioh parody and a Naruto parody (Which I love).  PurpleEyesWTF who contributes various voices does his own parodies of One Piece and Code Geass.  Antfish the voice of Captain Ginyu does a hilarious parody of JoJo’s bizarre adventure. 1kidsentertainment who does voices and editing does a Pokémon parody.

The team has their YouTube channel however I’d recommend you check out their official website since it supports them more. They also have a Facebook page and a twitter feed.   


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