Majora’s mask 3D first impressions


Recently I got The Legend Majora’s mask 3D for the 3DS. I’ve only played the version the collectors edition on the gamecube (with frequent crashes) and was super excited for a remake. The two previous Zelda remakes (Ocarina and Wind Waker) have both been great.

The graphics look a lot better than Ocarina of time 3D. It looks similar to the box art used on the original Majora’s mask game. The improved graphics are both a pro and a con. The pro being that all the characters look and move much smother than they did in the original game back in 2000. Strangely this actually hurts the experience somewhat. Majora’s mask is noted for its dark and scary atmosphere compared to other Zelda titles. Something about the improved visuals take away from this feeling. The cryptic atmosphere was actually helped by the primitive graphics.

The music is amazing. As noted above I’ve only played the gamecube version and fans have pointed out that the poor transfer of that version resulted in sound problems. As a result I never heard the original N64 soundtrack. So while I can’t completely judge the games music to the original I can say that what I’m currently listening to is amazing. Songs like the Song of healing and Stone tower temple sound beautiful on the 3DS.

The biggest complaint I have with the game is that you can only save at certain locations across the map. Ocarina of time allowed you to save your game at any time through the options menu. This change can be cumbersome especially for a handheld game. It makes the game difficult to play in short bursts. With Ocarina of time you could pick the game play a quick 5-10 minute session and save instantly. In Majora’s mask you need to find a save point. If you’re pressed for time then you can’t play it.

Majora’s Mask 3D also utilizes the circle pad pro peripheral. The extra analog stick gives you more control over the camera. I don’t have a circle pad pro myself but the camera works well. If you don’t have the peripheral then you’ll be fine.

Cool extra tweaks include the ability to speed to a specific hours during the game. Majora’s mask utilizes a unique three day clock system with specific events happening at certain times. For example At 12:20 AM on the first night a thief robs an old woman in the northern section of clock town. In the original you had to wait for the time to slowly pass. In this version by playing the song of double time you can skip ahead to the beginning of any hour. It’s a small change but really helpful.

Currently Majora’s mask can be purchased both in a physical format through retail stores and digitally through the Nintendo eShop.

As I Write this Majora’s mask holds a 90% on metacritic. If you want to see what other critics have to say about the game I suggest you check out the site.


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