Dead Muslims = Not Newsworthy


(This post was made on Feb 12 2015 more information has been revealed about the story since). I’m going to take a break from talking about anime to talk about a subject that has been irking me for a while.

On Feb 10th 3 Muslims living in Chapel Hill in North Carolina were shot dead by a 46 year old White man. If this is the first time you’ve heard of it don’t be ashamed. The media has done a poor job covering it.


The three victims (From left to right) are Shaddy Barakat 23, Yusor Mohamma 21 (his wife) Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha 19 (his sister).


Craig Steven Hicks (Pictured above) 46, turned himself in for arrest shortly after the crime and has been charged with three counts of first-degree murder. Craig has already appeared in court and will do so again on March 4th. Police are currently unsure about the motive. Some evidence points to it being a case over parking issues in the community while others believe that it might have been a hate crime.  Craig’s wife has spoken that she believes her husband’s action were more likely a result of the parking issues.

You can read more about the full story.

I’m not making this post to jump on the bandwagon that everyone else seems to be jumping on. Specifically the reason being that Craig did this out of anger towards Muslims. Until the courts have found an official cause, I won’t try to make a claim for his actions. This isn’t tumbler; my blog is determined by facts not emotion.

What I’m upset over is the lack of News coverage that this story has gotten.  The incident happened Tuesday and yet many “mainstream” news organizations haven’t aired the story.  CNN hasn’t aired it. NBC news is airing the funerals live but didn’t air the original story. CBC’s The National did not feature the story on their broadcast (The story can be found on the CBC news website in text format). As a person who is studying broadcast Journalism I’m very ashamed of this. If not for the hastag #MuslimLivesMatter I wouldn’t have heard about it.

As I type this mainstream broadcasters are starting to pick on the story. While it does take time for broadcasters to get information out to the public it is still sad to see that Buzzfeed was the only news agency that covered this story.

It is the job of the journalist to tell people the important stories of the day. It saddens me that the death of three innocent people was in the CBC’s eyes, not as important as the latest hockey trade deal.


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