The Devil is a part timer review

devil is a part timer

I finally finished the anime “The Devil is a part timer”. I’d highly recommend this anime anyone. In particular people who like me are working low part time jobs.

The story focuses on a waring land similar to middle earth from J.R.R. Tolkien’s lord of the rings. The land is in engaged in conflict between a brave hero who leads an army against the lands demons and their leader the devil himself King Satan. The story starts out really big and epic but quickly changes tone. The devil flees the battle to recover along with his servant. The two flee in a portal to modern day Tokyo. The hero also follows and she also ends up in our world. Upon discovering that he is powerless in our world the devil does what anyone in his position would do. Get a job. He works at a local McDonalds, sorry I mean MgRonalds and works hard to work his way up the corporate ladder. Along the way demons and hero’s from his old home Enta Esla come to Tokyo as well. The plot is basic but enjoyable. This is a comedy series and it stays true. The only problem is that the series borders into harem territory with several girls falling for the devil. The solution is never resolved and in general I’m not a fan of harem anime.

The characters are all enjoyable. The devil is a hard working and surprisingly kind character who is dedicated to his fellow employes. He’s a bit of  a shonen stereotype at times but it still fun  to watch. His servant Ashiya was really funny.  Even though his rank is below the devil the two’s relationship is in flux. The talk like an old couple one minute and then Ashiya talks  to the devil like an overprotective mom.  He’s one of the best in the show and his reactions are priceless. The hero Emi is enjoyable but a bit annoying at times. She’s headstrong and stubborn but also be overreactive. She’s the Oska of the show and she is part of the Harem trio. She does get some laughs since she works at a phone helpline.

The second part of the Harem trio and the devil’s co-worker Chio is a classic moe character. This can be either good or bad. Usually I don’t like moe characters but Chio was funny enough to get by.

The animation and art are all good. Nothing too special but it looks fine. The battle scenes in particular are really well done.

The best part of this anime is the concept of the devil working  such a pathetic job. Anyone who has worked in fast food or retail jobs (like me) can relate to the situations in this shows. Angry customers, machines breaking down, short staff, all are present and relatable.

The only downside to this anime, you’ll have a craving for McDonalds after watching it.

The Devil is a Part timer is available on Netflix and on Funimation if you have an elite subscription. You can view short clips on Funimation’s youtube channel.



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