Trigun review

Trigun is a marvellous series that continues to shine through again and again. This is one of my favourite series and for a year I used Vash as my Facebook profile pic (because I’m a Weeabo).

The story is about an outlaw on the planet Gunsmoke. Gunsmoke is a desert planet where the remainder of humanity tries to survive amongst the countless robbers, bandits and terrible living conditions. The Outlaw is Vash the Stampede. Vash has a 60 billion double dollar bounty on his head. This is often the result of him getting the blame for accidents he was involved with rather than caused. As a result of his huge Bounty Vash is on the move a lot. The first half of the series is episodic with a new villain and plot every episode. Along his journey Vash meets two insurance girls Meryl and Millie, and Wolfwood a wandering priest (who is also one of my all time favourite anime characters).  The small cast allows for great characters who are all well written.

The second half has a very dark turn. Vash is forced to confront his past and defeat 12 bounty hunters and their leader Knives.  I won’t go into too much detail but I will say Vash’s relationship with Knives is one of the best in the series.

The villains are all great and unique. They range from a samurai to a almost indestructible robot to a guy playing the saxophone as a weapon (Yes a Saxophone). The only problem is that many of these villains only last an episode. It would have been nice to keep them around a bit longer.

The music is really well done as well. It does a good job of combining the soundtrack of an old Western film with a dystopian feel. The result is a very unique soundtrack that fits perfectly.  Also the opening is my favourite opening in anime to date.

The biggest problem with the show is the animation and art. Trigun looked good when it was first released but now it can be rough on the eyes. It’s not bad but it hasn’t aged well compared to other animes of that time such as Cowboy Bebop. When the action gets going its really good but their are points when its age shows.  The movie Badlands (2010) rumble looks amazing but that’s for another time.

I highly recommend Trigun. The writing and characters are amazing. the music is top notch and when it gets going the animation looks great. If you’re going to judge an anime simply by how it looks this isn’t the anime for you. But if that’s all you care about then have fun cause some of the best looking anime are also the some of the worst (Sword Art Online, Fairy tail, and Attack on Titan’s first half).

Trigun is available on through Funimation’s youtube channel and on DVD. The movie Badlands rumble is available on DVD/Blu-Ray and Netflix. The series itself isn’t on Netflix anymore for some reason… Thanks Netflix.

Also the first episode of Trigun is one of the best first episodes to an anime ever. You can watch it here.



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