Anime review: Knights of Sidonia

I’m not big into CG animated movies or shows. A little bit of it is fine here and there but generally speaking I prefer 2D animation. So when I was first introduced to Knights of Sidonia an entirely CG animated show I was less than excited. Add to the fact that my friends were calling it “Attack On Titan in space” and I had very low expectations.  However I am glad to say I was incredibly blown away by the series.

The story is about the last of humanity surfing the cosmos trying to survive. Their biggest problem? An alien life species known as “The Guana” who are hell bent on wiping out the race. Humanity flies around on a Spaceship/meteoroid called Sidonia. Nagate who lives on the lower level of the ship travels to the upper levels and joins the knight’s academy where he learns to fight off the Guana in giant mechs. The only way to kill a Guana is to impale it on the back of its head. Nagate quickly rises through the ranks and becomes one of the top knights in the academy.

It is very similar to Attack on Titan in premise but trust me its a LOT better. Unlike Attack on Titan, which I feel suffered from bad pacing. Not much was accomplished over the 26 episodes. Knights of Sidonia across gets stuff done. Nagate is off killing Guana and the story progress quickly. The series gets things done while still leaving questions unanswered for the second seasons.

The atmosphere is really unique. The advanced sci-fi elements are well done and paints an interesting picture of what mankind may be like in the future.

The fight scenes are really done well. The last episode is a continuous rush from begging to end.

I highly recommend this series to every anime fan who has a Netflix account. Also Johnny Young Bosch voices Nagate. Anything he’s in gets a plus (expect Bleach).   


3 thoughts on “Anime review: Knights of Sidonia

  1. Nice review! I totally agree with you. At first I was also skeptical coming into this anime, but boy was I wrong. I think this is one of the more underrated anime of 2014. It has a lot of things going for it.

    Can’t wait for the second season! It’s a tradition of mine to marathon anime so I have to wait until it finishes T-T


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