ISIS Targets Japan

ISIS the Islamic terrorist group has uploaded another video featuring the infamous Jihad John, The same executioner that has appeared in previous videos where he brutally murders prisoners of war that have been captured by ISIS.  In the most recent video he reveals that he has two Japanese citizens who he will kill unless Japan gives $ 200 million to the organization.  The two in custody are Haruna YuKawa (a down and out business man who tried to work as a military contractor to re-launch is career)  and Kenji Goto (a freelance journalist). Now this is may seem surprising to many people at first. After all Japan has not used its army for military activity since the end of World War 2 ( September 2 1945, 70 years  this year). In fact the last time the Japanese army saw major action was when they were deployed after the 2011 tsunami. The reason is that Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe appeared in Cario this on Jan 17th where he pledged 200 million to help the middle east countries battling ISIS. The money would be used to help through non-military means.

Jihad John threatened to kill the two if his demands were not met within 72 hours.  The date of the video is not given. I found out about this incident on Jan 20th and most of the research I have used for this post was uploaded on the 20th. Today is the 23rd. the 72 hours will pass by the end of this night. Abe has called the action unforgivable and will try to do everything to free the two.


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