Legend Of Korra season 3

I recently finished season three of Nickelodeon’s Legend of Korra. I was really impressed by how much better this season was compared to the previous two seasons. Season 1 was good but suffered from some formulaic plot, rough main character and a bad deus ex machina ending. Season 2 strangely repeated many of these problems instead of improving upon them.

Season 3 feels much more thourghly planned out. The episodic  plots connect more and they improve with all the characters.  The series also got darker, this may be due to the fact that it season three was online instead of tv. Characters are KILLED in this season and it touches on some deep issues of government controlled lands vs a free society.  The fight scenes were also spectacular with the last two episodes having non stop action. In particular the last episode has a little homage to the big  finales in season 3 and 2 of Avatar the last airbender.

If you haven’t seen the series already check it out. You can watch the episodes on Nickelodeon’s website here. If you are unable to watch the episodes from their website (like me) than you can buy the series on DVD and Blu- Ray.

The only downside to the season was one of the villains. One of the villains this season is the daughter of Combustion man in season 3 of Avatar (The guy who Zuko hired to kill Aang and could create explosions with his mind). At no point in the season is she referred to as “Sparky Sparky boom lady”… Call back humour would’ve been nice.


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